Benefits of the Esencia Relaxation® Action Model

When you choose to experience Active-Intensive-Relaxationthrough the Esencia Relaxation® ACTION Programme you will benefit in many ways.

When you undertake our courses Esencia Relaxation® Bodywork and Coaching or you attend sessions personally you will be surprised by the range of benefits that can result.  

Many of these undisputed benefits are listed on-line and you can peruse these through our links listed on this website. At Esencia Relaxation®  we focus specifically on assisting you back to your “rested best” and in doing so we have been amazed at what this can mean, we think you will be too.

A successful conclusion of the Esencia Relaxation® ACTION Programme can redefine what “rested best” means to you. You can progressively expect to feel clear, calm, centred, certain, confident, capable, creative, courageous, consistent, coherent, complete and for your capacity to grow as you continue to relax deeper from then on.  

Imagine what you can achieve recovering to such a resourceful state, you would certainly relax deeper, recover quicker and perform better in whatever you choose to do.

All we ask is that you commit to attaining your rested best” and our system will assist you. How this is achieved will surprise and delight you, it’s contagious.  

Active-intensive-relaxation™ really is a breath of fresh air.  So ACT now and join us in the RELAXATION REVOLUTION, it will be a REVELATION to you.  Get your life back, perhaps even better than ever before. We are certain, you will be amazed.

Join us………..and just love to relax.

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