A.I.R. Active Intensive Relaxation™

 a simple definition of how to relax within the  Esencia Relaxation® session

Esencia Relaxation® provides

Active Intensive Relaxation™

Recovery is a natural process. But it takes time and in this hectic world…

We are here to help….

“Intensive Relaxation”  is a well known and generally accepted term that reflects personal approaches that aid relaxation, such as meditation, tai chi, maybe even dancing…going for a walk on the beach.  

Anything you can do for yourself that brings your body, mind or emotions to a state of rest.

Active Intensive Intervention™ Esencia Relaxation® bodywork and coaching brings you to a state of rest, a state of deep relaxation, through a direct and dynamic external intervention.

……it helps you switch back on and be back to your current best, your rested best™.

As your system becomes more familiar with the repeated, active application of this bodywork you may notice that you can develop the capacity to react with even deeper levels of relaxation, recover more efficiently and perform more effectively given the same environmental constraints….. you become more resilient.

The switch off becomes more precise and effective, with progressively greater gains when you switch back on.

Don’t take our word for it ….experience

ACTIVE INTENSIVE RELAXATION™  for yourself and know it will work for you and your clients or colleagues.