Trying *

Energy medicine around the world has traditionally adopted an Energy Model that has at its roots a philosophical basis of duality. In a globalised world we are all aware of the polarised thought enshrined in the concepts of yin and yang, attraction and repulsion, of positive and negative.  All of which have long been used to address the human system. Advocates and practitioners of energy medicine have understandably been distracted by the apparent authority of a broken language in their quest to “balance the opposites”.  In seeing energy and thought as split between two sides or poles belies the inherent unity of our universe of our reality.  Much effort has been expended to get to grips with understanding and consciously grappling with the defining spirit or mood of this Newtonian / Darwinian period doctrine, but this particular “rabbit hole” cannot and will not achieve a practical resolution as the very basis of the approach relies on a language that perpetuates the dislocated state.