Personal Health Recovery

 a simple definition of how to relax within the

 Esencia Relaxation® session

Esencia Relaxation® provides Personal Health Recovery through relaxation….but, what does it mean?

According to Wikipedia the UN defines Health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being”

At Esencia Relaxation® we focus not on some ideal state that an individual may attain at some indeterminate time in the future, but on realistic attainable goals, achievable now…and although there are many therapeutic benefits that you can achieve through relaxation we focus our attention on your specific and current state of health…what is normal “for you….NOW!”

Your resting state, the state of health you can restore to given a suitable period of rest and recuperation.  It is unique to you….we call this your state of  Personal Health…..a state that you can recover to, so you can once again perform at your best….whatever that is for you. We call this ….Your Rested Best®!!

Our simple, profound and precise 20 minute sequence is designed to assist you to experience deep relaxation and thus to recover more quickly to your base state of Personal health….it is restorative in that it can help you recover your Personal Health….a normal, state of health for you.

So, when you have recovered your normal state of Personal Health and you are once again at your “Rested Best® you can go to work ready for a busy and challenging day; you can throw your all into a training session again or it might mean that you can feel capable again to keep going in the face of the many demands in your daily life.

Here at Esencia Relaxation® we are dedicated in providing you with Active Intensive Relaxation™ as an intervention in your Personal Health Recovery……so you can recover quicker to your ‘Rested Best’ … it is ONLY when you are at your ‘Rested Best® that you can optimise your performance….you are once again….clear, calm and capable.

So, welcome to Esencia Relaxation®…the art of relaxation.

The switch off…to switch on.