I am passionate about this work, and the aims of Esencia Relaxation which are focusing on bringing in a new way of working into the world, through Relaxation understandings.. Mindfulness is already making a significant difference in the lives of many individuals, and Esencia Relaxation bodywork within the 'online training' and live courses' is deepening these understandings, and taking these to a new level.


I am  an Author, Artist, Relaxation Specialist, and Master Coach, all these abilities form a cohesive practical and easy way to work within the self-improvement industry. Allowing another to be empowered in numerous areas of their life, from a very relaxed perspective, gives them the ability to be in the zone, and perform at their best – whilst being fully alert and clear.

Our book ‘Stress Less More Success’ is proving beneficial for readers, who are instantly booking sessions, and training with us. Once they have read the book they just cannot wait to experience the specific way to relax that we have been describing in the book!  www.StressLessMoreSuccess.com

What I love is that Esencia consistently offers high standard courses, which will enable others to be able to have clarity and certainty; their creativity will potentially explode into a new dynamic.

“Can you imagine a world like this?”   

“I have personally seen this happen many times and have experienced it too myself.” .

“One may wonder why this has not been possible before!  The time is now.”

“No need to wait another minute.”

I have found that being ‘Stress Less’ is the key!


Lyn 2016

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Lyn Marie Whiteman