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Easy to learn techniques for relaxation relating to:

Tension in the body,






When practised on a regular basis these simple techniques bring a certain clarity and peace of mind.

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This Course is for students who are seeking an understanding of the depths of relaxation and the real benefits for clients who receive relaxation, redefined in the 'Esencia' way. Experiencing thebenefits of the deep relaxation for yourself, is one of the beneifts for your partcipation of the simple and profound experiential training course on offer.  


Previous practitioner experience unnecessary as this course is designed to be easy, with a wealth of great relaxation content, and exceptional value.

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The course contains:

Relaxation Bodywork

Well-being understanding for your own health

Giving and receiving

‘Heart Space’ Communication

Heart Meditation and visualisation

Full Course Manual, Certificate, Insurable, Accredited

Pictorial Guide sheets for all the bodywork sequences for easy learning

Within this course we explain how we can understand choice, with strategies to make a difference for life balance.

  Getting Back on Track.

It seems many of us spend most of our lives in an ‘off balance’ state, making it a challenge to live life to the ‘FULL’. To achieve balance is just the beginning though, as when we have achieved it, we do not need to stay there, it’s the starting point to getting back on track and - there is a great deal more for us to enjoy, once we have rediscovered it.

This Course is for you, if you are wishing to experience Core Relaxation, Core Stability, and a 'new found' relaxed and calm but dynamic 'state of being', for you and your Clients.

Also, for those students who have already attended, or are about to attend an Intro Day with Neutral Space Relaxation® plus:

Carers,     Physical Education,  

Hospice Facilitators          Health & Wellbeing,  Fitness Trainers,   Sports & Fitness Trainers

The Course Content

What is included?    

Certificate, Accredited with (IPHM) International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

Lunchtime, Light Lunch inc. refreshments x 2 days.

Practitioner Certificate of Attendance, and on  full course completion, with Case Studies this will enblie you to have Clients, be insured, and work with Esencia Relaxation® Client sessions.

Timings:     Starting 9.30am – 5.00pm daily.

Please wear light,  comfortable clothing and socks each day. All Bodywork is fully clothed on a massage table. Given and received.

What is not included?

Your travel to and from the venue

Accommodation: Please arrange your own accommodation.

Normally £650

£199 now

If you have a Question:

 ‘ASK Esencia

Date: 17th & 18th March

Location: Penzance, Cornwall

Cost Course Fee: 199 GBP

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Penzance -

Clarence House Therapy Centre

17th and 18th March

Mounts Bay

Clarence House

Relax - ‘The feeling’

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