After reading  Lyn and Grahams book Stress Less More Success, I became very aware of how I was feeling in myself and was actually craving the feeling of complete and total relaxation.  

Due to building our new home which was causing stress, good and bad, I felt that I was out of balance and even though I practice in alternative therapies I wasn't able to bring myself to that balanced state on my own.  I was feeling very heavy in my body and felt that it was a struggle just walking, it was a strange feeling and I knew I needed to release negative energy as it was weighing me down, literally.

The treatment was so powerful and intense for me, as Lyn is a friend and I have experience regression with her I was very relaxed and trusted her experience and capabilities as a healer and allowed myself to truly let go knowing I was in completely safe hands.   The gentle hand placements and movements that were made to parts of my body caused me t feel like something had been unlocked within me and I felt the life force energy ( The Flow) moving, I can only describe it as the lovely ache you feel from having experienced acupuncture, where the energy is released, but it was so much stronger, I then felt my body filling up with the energy till I was so full.  I released a lot of unnecessary burdening attachments and feel so much lighter......I would highly recommend A.I.R as a relaxation treatment and much more.

Thank you Lyn

Ali Throup 2016

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