The intro day was amazing. You get to know the relaxation technique step by step in a very simple and easy way, accessible to anyone. The technique itself is very simple to practice, and extraordinarily effective.

As a massage therapist I had several experiences in the holistic environment, and I can say that this is the best relaxing amazing experience I've ever had, powerful and real.

…….  I find myself facing the same difficult situations, but with a different attitude, a new freedom and balance in taking my decision, without being trapped in the old automatic patterns of my mind. I've got a different clarity in seeing things, and I know exactly what I want. I can see clearly which decision I would take thinking of my best, and which other decision I would normally take just for the people's approval.

Physically I feel better, more energy, more balance, more presence of my body. I had problems around my eyes, if there was too much sun, if it was too windy, they started burning. Now I don't feel anything at all, since I had that experience.

I would suggest it to anyone, it's a technique for everyone, it's not invasive at all but very very effective.

E E (Sussex) May 2016

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