From within a more traditional approach involved in trying * Esencia Relaxation ® has evolved now into the realms of allowing.  We have adopted a perspective that reveals a unified approach to facilitate balance, an approach that truly honours the very real harmony sustaining the human experience. Through this unified model, Esencia Relaxation® operates by reframing the narrative……to a narrative that has “relaxation” at its very core.

We have attentively incorporated this perspective with “open source” bodywork styles to develop The FLOW SequenceTM, a specific and simple sequence that, in combination with the new narrative, delivers repeatable results and very practical benefits. We invite you to just love to relax, as we do, and when you do we are certain you will know what we mean…… too will know what the last few years of research have shown us…..and we would love to share this with you. We invite you to take this opportunity now and join the RELAXATION REVOLUTION.