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Esencia Relaxation - Gem in Health Recovery - Sport, Spa, Life, and Spirit

To consistently perform

at your best you need to know how to

relax deeply and recover quickly.

In the time available rest alone is not enough!

We now need to actively and intensively relax to keep ahead

Relax deeper, recover quicker, perform better

Feel Better enjoy life more

Choose Esencia Relaxation®.

Relax Deeper. Recover Quicker. Perform Better.




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Whether you are looking for marginal gains in sport; staying clear and relaxed in the workplace or maintaining a sense of well-being in your everyday life – the experience of relaxation is essential

If you can relax deeper then you can

recover quicker.

If you can recover more effectively then your ability to perform can be sustained or ultimately improved

Relax, Unwind, Recover

to your

‘Rested Best®  

Stay sharp, remain refreshed and keep ahead of your rivals.

 Incorporate the leading edge

#1 Active-Intensive-Relaxationsystem into your Personal Health-Recovery-Programme.

Chose Esencia Relaxation®.  

Experience it to know it.... you'll be glad you did.

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What good is relaxation when ‘I’m Stressed’ ?

“I would highly recommend  A.I.R as a relaxation  treatment and much more”.

 Ali Throup May 2016

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