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Esencia Relaxation - Spa Practitioner Course

  Esencia Relaxation®  for Spas

  Perfect Client Relaxation:

  Do you strive to help your guests relax more deeply and feel fully refreshed?

  Are you looking for specialised therapists with a holistic, yet mainstream, approach   to well-being?

  Would it help if your existing therapists could offer something new and really   refreshing?

  Would an additional state-of-the art, holistic bodywork option help your spa   stand out from the crowd?

  Finally….do you want to offer the best and most effective relaxation experience for   your customers?


  If so, then this is simply the best experiential course for your team.  

  From basics, each will learn new hands-on skills and  meditative techniques vital in   becoming a state-of-the-art relaxation specialist.

  You can then build in an additional 5-Star offer to your suite of  bodywork   treatments.  

  The adoption and repeated practise of  these new skills will result in your staff or   colleagues confidently assisting Active Intensive-Relaxation in those who   benefit from the quality of touch and attention then available.  Recovery times will   either be shorter or the quality of the recovery will improve in the time available.   Your guests will leave feeling more refreshed.

  Our courses will be tailored to meet the  specific needs inherent in the Spa   environment you operate within.

  So, keep one step ahead of the best?  Try a different approach to supplement your   existing offer. Maintain your competitive advantage and stand out from the   crowd….

  What do I do now?

  All you need do is Contact Us  and we will take care of the rest. We will create a   bespoke training and transition programme just for you and your team.

  Check out what some of our recent trainees have to say here…

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