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  It is always exciting when we get together to   conduct the “Open Courses”.  

We deliver the   Esencia Relaxation® Bodywork Practitioner   from one venue in London as we find its central    location is suitable to a wide range of travel profiles    and it therefore easier for people to attend.


We are however, always looking to broaden our  physical reach and are eagerly anticipating    conducting courses in more foreign climes.


So see below for forthcoming dates and venues,   click on the links and register you interest.  This    helps as we have such a demand for our courses we   will try and deliver additional ones where demand    requires it:

OPEN COURSE – Penzance               1st  December 2018 / 26th Jan 2019

OPEN COURSE – UK  (LONDON)        TBA  Sept 2023

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Sept 2023

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