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Whether you are looking for marginal gains in sport; staying clear and relaxed in the workplace or maintaining a sense of well-being in your everyday life – we are here to work with you in delivering all of the benefits of relaxation.  …. Contact us

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 After reading  Lyn and Grahams book Stress Less More  Success, I became very aware of how I was feeling in  myself and was actually craving the feeling of  complete and total relaxation. ….. I was feeling very  heavy in my body and felt that it was a struggle just  walking, ….. The treatment was so powerful and  intense for me, ….  I released a lot of unnecessary  burdening attachments and feel so much lighter......I  would highly recommend  A.I.R as a relaxation  treatment and much more.

Thank you Lyn           Ali Throup


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 The technique itself is very simple to practice, and  extraordinarily effective.

 As a massage therapist I had several experiences in  the holistic environment, and I can say that this is the  best relaxing amazing experience I've ever had,  powerful and real…..

 Physically I feel better, more energy, more balance,  more presence of my body….

 EE (Sussex) 2016


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 “Sometimes in life, you feel that you have learnt  something really valuable that you'll keep for always,  this experience has been one of those gems!”    More…

 Helen - Falmouth 2016

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