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Esencia Sport Practitioner - Relaxation and Health Recovery

  Are you involved in supporting

  clients or colleagues who operate in highly competitive and ever more demanding   activities?

  Do you, your clients or colleagues

  need to rely on ever more effective personal resources or organisational support?

  Do you want to deploy

  a wider range of options in delivering high quality health recovery solutions?

  Do you want to improve

  the ability of your clients or colleagues to relax more deeply and recover more   quickly?

  Are you searching for a Relaxation Training Course

  that will help you and others get the most out of their life and to feel better and   more consistently?

  If so, then this is simply the best experiential course for you to learn, or your  team(s), the new hands-on skills and  meditative techniques needed as a   relaxation specialist.  

  The adoption and repeated practise of  these new skills will result in you, or your   staff, or colleagues confidently assisting intensive-relaxation in those who benefit   from the quality of touch and attention then available.  Recovery times will either   be shorter or the quality of the recovery will improve in the time available.

  Our Relaxation Training Courses can be tailored to meet the  specific needs   inherent in the environment you operate within and are available in a number of   formats to suit a wide variety of delivery needs…

  So, why keep doing exactly the same as the rest?  Try a different approach to   supplement your existing offer.  

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