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Esencia Health Recovery through Relaxation :

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Esencia Sport Practitioner - Relaxation and Health Recovery

Learning Health Recovery through Relaxation …
… with the leading Active-Intensive-Relaxation™ specialists
… anywhere, anytime!

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  How will this online course work for me?

  This online course consists of  6 Core Modules plus 1 Bonus Module consisting of

  12 Stages in total…

  When you sign up to the online course we will send you a full set of instructions which will show you how to access the   e-learning system and log on.  You will be able to get going straight away.

  Depending on the option you have selected you will then have access to the course resources for a full 6 months (12   months if you sign up for full qualification)….plenty of time to get to grips with this amazing system.

  You can then spend as little or as much time on the modules to suit you.

  You will need to record your progress at each stage of the online course and submit these records to us so we can be   sure that you have fully grasped all the subtleties of  the processes involved and can demonstrate that you are able to   deliver effective and repeatable relaxation bodywork with confidence.   Once all the all modules have been completed   and assessed successfully, depending on which option you have chosen, we will be able to issue you with an accredited   training Certificate.

  The Certificate will qualify you to sign-up to our extensive Affiliates’ programme which will give you access to ongoing   resources for your professional practice as a Health Recovery through Relaxation Practitioner.

  For a complete synopsis of the course and the available benefits to you as a qualified affiliate………request a brochure.

  All the information you could possibly need is contained in there.

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